Perfume-free laundry strips (4 pack offer) - LIV+LINN


Laundry made super easy

Easily change your washing routine by exchanging large plastic packaging with 100% plastic-free laundry strips from LIV+LINN.

Tear off 1 laundry strip for a regular 5 kg washing cycle. Simply place the strip on top of your laundry. Run your prefered cycle and get ready for wonderfully clean and fresh-smelling laundry. Easy, right?

LIV+LINN 4-packs conveniently fit through your letterbox and take care of 128 washing cycles.

How long does my LIV+LINN 4-pack last?

    These are the averages we maintain ourselves:

    2 person households: 12 weeks
    3-4 person households: 8 weeks
    5-6 person households: 6 weeks