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Hey laundry revolutionist

From now on, your clean laundry will be extra clean. How so? Because you are no longer just nice to your clothes, but also to your washing machine, your skin and the world. LIV+LINN laundry strips are 100% plastic-free and 100% hypoallergenic. And therefore 100% kind to the planet and its inhabitants. That’s us.

Plastic in your detergent?!

Why would you want plastic in your detergent? We simply think it doesn’t belong there. Your laundry becomes just as clean without it and smells just as fresh.

What’s with the XXL packaging?!

But really. You’re probably familiar with the never ending struggle with large and heavy detergent packaging in supermarkets, for which you also need to find a safe place once you make it home. Why does it have to be that big? Can't it simply be a little more compact?

How much detergent is actually enough?!

The reason those packages are always that big is because manufacturers know that you hate to run out. Still, if you prefer to use a rather large amount of detergent with every washing cycle, you will run out faster than you would like. Using less may be the smarter choice, but then how do you know if you are actually using enough? Surely there must be some smart solution for this as well?

So many questions, this is the answer

So we launched our plastic-free laundry strips business. 32 strips per pack. All super responsible and very convenient. You always add just enough detergent to your machine and your stock fits easily in your pantry. Or in your suitcase or backpack when you go on holiday.

And perhaps the best part is that we will send all the supply you need to your letterbox every three months. So you'll never run out. And since our packaging is small and flat, CO2 emissions are limited to the absolute minimum.

Join us!

Once you start using laundry strips, you’ll wonder what on earth you have been doing for the past years. Give us a try and experience what it's like to not only be nice to your clothes, but also to your washing machine, your skin and the world.



Clean laundry, clean world

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🌿 Zonder plastic, 100% afbreekbaar
🌸 100% hypoallergeen, en vrij van schadelijke stoffen.
💜 100% vegan en dierproefvrij gemaakt.
💌 In de platste kartonnen verpakking ooit = minder CO2.
👚 goed voor witte, zwarte, bonte én fijne was

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